Moving Checklist


Update Company wants your move to go as smoothly as possible. Here are a few items that you should pay attention to when moving.

This handy checklist will help you simplify your move.

Let us know if we have forgotten anything and we'll add it to the list.

-Make sure you have sufficient electrical service for your computers, copier, phones.

-Provide necessary business references, pay security deposit if necessary.

-If there is remodeling in your new premises, follow up before your move date to make sure work will be complete for your move-in.

-Arrange for signage at your new premises.

-Arrange for cleaning or janitorial service as needed.

-Arrange for obtaining keys/card access to your new premises.
Set moving date.

Make sure movers provide evidence of insurance.

Make arrangements for moving any very large or fragile items.

Each person should pack his or her office.

On your floor plan, label or number each office, then label every box with the corresponding label/number.

Prior to your move make arrangements to dispose of or donate unwanted items.
Notify your phone vendor as soon as you know you are moving! Phone installation can take up to 30 days. You want phone service to be up and running at your new site.

Make arrangements for your computer network, server, and internet provider.

Make arrangements with your copier company to move your copier.

If your phone number has changed, make sure you have automatic call forwarding in place or a message with your new number. Call your number to make sure.

Make arrangements for any security/alarm system at your new premises.
Notify post office and arrange for forwarding of mail.

Notify your insurance company and inquire if any riders are needed for move and have them provide evidence of insurance to your new landlord.

Prepare a moving announcement and include it in all your outgoing correspondence, billing, and payments.

Make sure to notify all governmental agencies you have contact with.

Incorporate a moving announcement on your voicemail.

Make sure to notify magazines, membership organizations.
Make sure your website is changed to show your new location/phone number.

Notify any affinity group, membership organizations, where you may have links.
Notify your bank, order changes on checks if necessary.

Arrange for new letterhead, business cards, brochures. Some companies order stickers, labels or a stamp that shows the new address.
Make sure to return all keys to your former space.

Arrange to clean your former space and arrange for any repair of damages.

Follow up to ensure return of your security deposit.

Visit your former space after one week to make sure no mail or packages have been left.
The two things that are most often stolen are purses and laptop computers.

Keep employee purses in a locked drawer or cabinet. The most common place for women's purses is in their bottom desk drawer or under their desk and most thieves know this. Do not keep purses in desk drawers, especially close to the suite door.

Blank checks should be kept in a locked cabinet or drawer. If checks are stolen, they are often taken from the middle of the box to avoid immediate detection. Keep unopened boxes of checks taped shut until ready for use.

Keep all keys in a secure spot. Do not write suite number on keys. Do not leave your keys in the door locks while working.

Keep the suite door and building entry doors locked while working at night or on weekends. Do not prop the building entrance doors open. Help keep unwanted people out of the building.

Make regular backups of all computer data. Laptops too. Keep a backup off site.

Meet your neighbors in the building. Be aware of their hours of operation.

Make a lock up procedure to follow each night. Make sure to check windows, close blinds, lock cabinets, set alarms, etc.