Security Checklist


Update Company wants you to be as safe as possible. Here are a few items that you should pay attention to once you have moved.

This handy checklist will help you simplify your move.

Let us know if we have forgotten anything and we'll add it to the list.

-The two things that are most often stolen are purses and laptop computers.

-Keep employee purses in a locked drawer or cabinet.  The most common place for women's purses is in their bottom desk drawer or under their desk and most thieves know this.

-Do not keep purses in desk drawers, especially close to the suite door.

-Blank checks should be kept in a locked cabinet or drawer. If checks are stolen, they are often taken from the middle of the box to avoid immediate detection.

-Keep unopened boxes of checks taped shut until ready for use.

-Keep all keys in a secure spot.   Do not write suite number on keys. Do not leave your keys in the door locks while working.

-Keep the suite door and building entry doors locked while working at night or on weekends.  Do not prop the building entrance doors open.  Help keep unwanted people out of the building.

-Make regular backups of all computer data. Laptops too.  Keep a backup off site.

-Meet your neighbors in the building.  Be aware of their hours of operation.

-Make a lock up procedure to follow each night.   Make sure to check windows, close blinds, lock cabinets, set alarms, etc.

Thieves may walk through a building in pairs looking for items to steal.   They may tell you they are looking for the rest room or that they are in the building for a job interview. Do not let them use your rest rooms.   Ask them to leave and direct them down the street.

Call the police at 911 right away to report suspicious persons. After calling the police then call Update Company at 651-641-0208. We will come over if possible, but the police should be called first.

Try to have someone in the office sit facing the door to prevent unwanted persons from wandering into your suite.    If no one can watch the front door, consider keeping it locked.

Use your security alarm door chime feature to let you know when someone enters the suite.

Update Company, LLC wants to help your organization be successful. Helping keep you secure is one way we can help. If you have questions, please let us know –